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Federal Charge on 20 Million dollar Tax Fraud Results In Only a 6 Month Sentence

Six (6) Months Only on a Federal Case – Southern District of New York, Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, and Money Laundering re RM.  Federal Indictment in New York for a value-added tax scheme of over $20 million, alleged to have occurred from Mexico and Texas, to and through New York City, wherein the defendants were alleged to have made it appear that their companies sold more product than in reality, so the defendants could return a percentage of the products sold, in order to obtain refunds from the Mexican government on the value-added tax supposedly paid when products were sold/shipped.  Per negotiation, obtained concessions on a plea agreement, then without cooperation with the United States, and after filing a sentencing memorandum, made arguments to the court at the sentencing hearing. The court varied downwardly from the recommended imprisonment range on the federal Sentencing Guidelines calculations, sentencing the client to only six (6) months imprisonment.

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