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Category: Teakell Legal Briefs

Securities Fraud

PROSECUTION OF CRIMINAL SECURITIES FRAUD OFFENSES IN FEDERAL COURT By John Teakell Attorney-at-Law Dallas, Texas I. Generally “Securities fraud” and other criminal offenses involving securities

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Prescription Fraud

Legal Brief Prescription Fraud Prosecutions By: John Teakell Attorney-at-Law Dallas, TX Charges in both State and Federal courts where a person fills a forged prescription,

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Counterfeit Goods

FEDERAL PROSECUTION OF COUNTERFEIT GOODS/PRODUCTS By John TeakellLaw Office of John R. Teakell Dallas, TX I. INTRODUCTION When a person hears the word “counterfeit,” he/she

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Counterfeit Currency Charges

Prosecution of Counterfeit Money Possession and Passing Counterfeit Monies By John TeakellAttorney-at-LawDallas, Texas I. OVERVIEW Prosecutions in federal district courts in the United States (U.S.

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Weapons Charges

Federal Firearm & Weapons Charges Federal firearms laws provide severe penalties for improper firearms use or possession. For example, possession of firearms by convicted felons

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Unauthorized Access

The Computer Fraud Abuse Act (CFAA) is codified as Title 18 U.S.C Section 1030(a), and it lists offenses for federally-prosecuted computer crimes, with the common

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Transmitting a Malicious Code

TRANSMITTING MALICIOUS CODES AND HACKING COMPUTERS IN VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW By John TeakellAttorney-at-LawDallas, Texas What is transmission of malicious code 0r hacking? The Computer

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