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What Is Statutory Rape?

Statutory Rapes was a term that’s sort of from the past that still applies today. It’s usually referred to as sexual assault, just like rape would be referred to as sexual assault, but the statutory rape is having consensual sex with, usually a person who is underage or not deemed to be of age to make that determination. A person who is at or above the age of consent can be prosecuted, even if the sex was consensual, for having sexual relations with someone who is not of age. There is an exception to this, if the two people involved are very close in age and a lot of states have that exemption, but generally speaking if a person is of age and the other is not then it would be considered statutory rape. Most often it is the female who is under age in these situations.

What Should I Do If I’m Accused of Statutory Rape?

If you’ve been accused or think you might be under investigation for statutory rape, the best thing you can do is to hire an attorney right away, especially before speaking with an officer or an investigator. That attorney will then go in and find out what the charges are against you, what the evidence is, and will determine how strong the case is against you. They may also attempt to dissuade the prosecution from moving forward with the case, potentially getting charges dropped completely before you even make it to the grand jury.

Should I Interview Without an Attorney Present?

It’s really not advisable to go into the interview, or to allow the interview to proceed if they’ve come to your home or work location, without an attorney present. This is because without an attorney to advise you of the evidence against you or the charges that are actually pending against you, you might say something out of fear that could be misconstrued to indicate your guilt. Having your attorney with you during interviews allows you to be sure you fully understand what you’re facing and can make better decisions, plus you have someone in the room who can be sure you fully understand the questions being asked of you before you give an answer that may be held against you later. An attorney can also negotiate with your prosecutors if that seems appropriate for your case.

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