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What Is a Special Master and How Can It Benefit Your Case

Max was an accountant working in a small firm. He had always prided himself on being honest and ethical, and had never even considered engaging in a white-collar crime – so it came as a shock when he found out he was being accused of fraud. Desperate to clear his name, he sought the help of the best defense attorney he could afford.

The attorney had plenty of experience with similar cases and suggested that Max engage a special master to help win his case. He explained the role of the special master. Max agreed, feeling sure that having someone knowledgeable on his side would give him an advantage over opposing counsel. He did not regret his decision – within weeks, he was free from all charges thanks to the expertise provided by the special master.

What Is a Special Master?

If only all cases were as smooth and as simple as that! You may be seeing more talk of the term “special master” lately because of former President Donald Trump and his pending legal woes.

When searching for a defense attorney for a white-collar crime accusation, potential clients should be informed about all the options available to them. One of those options is engaging a special master – here are the key points you need to know.

A special master is an independent expert appointed by the court who works closely with both parties in order to ensure a fair and speedy resolution to their dispute. Generally speaking, these experts have a legal background, as well as knowledge related to the specific issue being contested.

Appointing a Special Master

The court may appoint a special master when necessary – oftentimes, this appointment is requested by all parties involved in the case. Doing so ensures that justice prevails without any risk of bias influencing the outcome.

When a defendant is accused of a white-collar crime, they might want to request a special master in order to ensure that the legal proceedings are conducted fairly. However, the plaintiff might not be in agreement, as the court-appointed expert would add an additional layer of complexity to their case and could potentially slow down their desired timeline for resolution.

Advantages of Appointing a Special Master

Bringing in an outside expert brings several benefits: they can quickly assess the situation and provide valuable insight into what course of action to take; they can assist with complicated negotiations.

They can mediate disputes between both parties; and more. Additionally, having someone experienced on your side helps level the playing field against large corporations or powerful individuals (like the federal government).

The Process of Working With A Special Master

When working with a special master, there are certain steps that need to be taken: Their responsibilities must be established. All records pertaining to the case must be made available for review.

Decisions regarding matters such as interrogatories and deposition notices must be made. Lastly, there will be procedural guidelines governing how meetings will take place, among other aspects of running the process efficiently.

Potential Costs Involved in Engaging A Special Master

It’s important to note that involving another professional comes with its own associated costs – fees can range anywhere from several thousand dollars up to six figures depending on the time spent. However, many attorneys believe that appointing a special master is worth every penny if it means achieving success for the client, especially when serious fines, jail time, or the client’s reputation and future earning potential are on the line.

How Can A Special Master Help? 

Ultimately, bringing in an expert who understands your situation and knows how to get things done can give you an edge over opposing counsel – it can also mean getting successful results at a lower cost than extended court battles would entail. This makes employing a special master an attractive prospect for anyone facing serious white-collar crime charges and wanting good results.

However, it’s not recommended in every case, and the best way to know for sure is to work with your attorney on the strength of your case. John Teakell has worked on many federal cases or white-collar cases against massive entities. He knows how to represent the little guy, as well as when and where the special master and other legal maneuvers can be beneficial. Contact him today to discuss the factors of your case.

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