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School Discipline / Prosecutions

If your child’s school accuses them of committing a crime or not adhering to school regulations, your student may face suspension, expulsion, a transfer to an alternative school, or even criminal action. Don’t let your student face ongoing consequences due to a youthful mistake that makes it difficult for them to succeed later in life. Your child shouldn’t lose out on a college education or have a criminal record because they graffitied some lockers, or stood up against an unfair dress code policy.

Dallas defense attorney John R. Teakell is ready to defend your student against unconstitutional school policies, unfair administrators, and excessive student discipline. Teakell has over 30 years of criminal law experience and a solid track record of defending students against overreaching school administrators, who are usually just seeking someone to make an example of.

 When you contact the Law Office of John R. Teakell you can rest assured that you are getting an attorney that cares about the future and well-being of your child.

Case Area:

School Violations

If school administrators in the DFW metroplex find your child is not in compliance with their school’s student conduct regulations, your child may face consequences. These violations may be anything from dress code violations to having one too many unexcused absences. The consequences could result in suspension or expulsion, in which case the real punishment is your child being denied their right to an education.

John R. Teakell protects your child’s rights at an educational establishment and fights for fair treatment. He may be able to get your child let off without punishment, and even seek a change to the rules if they infringe on student’s rights. Teakell will also ensure that your child isn’t being singled out and that every student is being held to the same standards. 


Potential Criminal Cases

Common crimes that underage kids may be punished for by school administration are underage possession of alcohol on campus, drug distribution, possession of a weapon, assault, reckless driving, and petty theft. 

John R. Teakell is a Dallas-Fort Worth attorney who is familiar with the juvenile court system and can provide useful legal counsel that may result in a favorable outcome. Teakell may be able to keep your child’s record clean, keep them out of juvenile detention, and prevent them from being transferred to an alternative school. 

DFW Student Defense Attorney John R. Teakell

John R. Teakell is an experienced defense attorney and will advise you on your child’s rights and provide practical legal guidance. He will sit down with you and explain what you’re dealing with, craft a defense plan, and advocate for your child against the school or prosecutor. Teakell has over 30 years of criminal law experience has worked as a federal prosecutor and a successful defense attorney. He knows exactly how to defend your child because he has experience in different areas of law. If your child is being accused of violating the student code of conduct or committing a crime on a Dallas-Fort Worth school district campus contact the Law Office of John R. Teakell to schedule a consultation and discuss your options moving forward.