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Possession of Child Images

Internet sex crimes have become more serious in this technology driven society. According to the Internet Watch Foundation a number of 1,536 ‘child sexual abuse’ domains on the Internet of which 58% were housed in the United States and the number is constantly rising. Records suggest that Child pornography stands as a $3 billion annual industry and sadly it keeps on growing with its’ demand. The vast majority of child pornography cases involve the images found on computer hard drives. Child pornography law criminalizes the receipt of child images, possession, promotion and the production of child pornography.

The Federal law and the Texas state law prohibit the –

  • Use
  • Promotion
  • Exploitation of children (under age of 18)

The law prohibits the exploitation of children under the age of 18 for –

  • Performance of sexual acts
  • Employment for conduct of sexual acts
  • Depictions of acts of a sexual nature

This means it is punishable to

  • Possess
  • Promote
  • Create
  • Distribute materials that demonstrate any of these illegal acts

According to the criminal defense attorney in Dallas intentional possession of child pornography is a crime and is a Third degree Felony. This means; if an individual is found with 6 or more identical visual depictions of child pornography, then the state and Federal law presumes that he has the intention of distributing the material.

Possession of child pornography thus violates both state and Federal law. Alongside the local law enforcement the child pornography cases are also investigated by the

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation,
  • Texas Office of the Attorney General
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • United States Postal Inspectors and other agencies depending on how the images were discovered

Keep in mind; the child pornography possession with intention to distribute is raised to a second degree felony.

It is also important to mention here that the consent of a parent or legal guardian of a minor to engage in sexual performance is also a punishable crime by the state law.

Of course; child pornography conviction can have a direct and unpleasant influence on your social life, career and family so if you are charged with child pornography, it is important that you talk to a criminal defense attorney to protect your future.

Keep in mind; the defenses to child pornography charges include lack of intent, mistake of fact, entrapment and lack of knowledge and only an experienced attorney, specialized in internet sex crimecan help you. Reckoned as the best criminal defense attorney in Dallas, John R. Teakell has successfully coordinated and completed defenses of people who had been charged with such crimes.

of Possession of Child Images

Possession of child pornography is a serious sex crime and falls under child pornography law. However, there are also a number of other crimes associated with child pornography and this involves those who are associated with producing and distributing it. Yes; all can have serious consequences.

The Penal Code defines the term “possession” as “actual care, custody, control or management.” This means under Texas law an individual commits the offense of possession of child pornography if he intentionally and knowingly possesses any sort of visual material that depicts a minor (less than 18 years) to be engaged in sexual conduct.

According to Texas Penal Code § 21.15 – it is illegal to

  • Photograph
  • Videotape
  • Record
  • broadcast
  • transmit any such visual image of a child to sexually gratify others

This includes even videoing a child while in a bathroom or even in the trial room of any department store

As briefed earlier; possession of child pornography is a THIRD-DEGREE FELONY. It carries a prison sentence of 2 – 10 years, a fine of $10,000 fine or both. The charged can be increased based on the amount of content possessed.

If an individual is found in the possession of 6 or more identical content he can be charged with the intent to promote child pornography. This is a SECOND-DEGREE FELONY. It is punishable by 2 – 20 years of imprisonment, a fine of $10,000 or both.

Illegal videoing a child minor is considered a state jail felony. It carries jail sentence ranging from 180 days – 2 years, a fine of $10,000 or both.

How John. R. Teakell the criminal defense attorney in Dallas can help

Remember; online solicitations of a minor, Child pornography as well as criminal solicitation of a minor are similar offenses with a number of overlapping issues and defenses as well. Quite ideally therefore; there’s hardly any one cut all formula when it comes to such criminal defense. John R Teakell puts his knowledge, skills and dedication to work for clients who are devastated by a criminal conviction.He has a focused background in criminal and securities law and has knowledge of the state and federal court systems. Experienced criminal defense lawyer, Teakell thus effectively answers his client’s questions and concerns.

When charged with child pornography therefore the first thing to do is to get a skilled criminal defense lawyer as early as possible. John. R. Teakell has a focused criminal law and securities background with over 20 years of court room experience. He has a thorough knowledge of both federal and state crimes and both federal and state court systems.

For effective criminal defense in Dallas he will investigate your case factually for preparing a defense. Needless to say it is significant to determine the reason why the child has accused the individual. He has handled thousands of cases ranging from misdemeanors to federal death penalty cases.

In today’s internet child pornography cases involve evidentiary issues and sophisticated technological details. As the best criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Teakell focuses on the fact that whether or not the alleged illegal are in violation of the constitutional rights of the accused. His examination of the computer’s drive by a forensic expert often uncovers that the images are intentionally placed on the drive by somebody else.

Teakell has wealth of experience handling cases of this kind and is an expert in examining all the evidence to find a weakness in the prosecutor’s case.

In some rare cases where the evidence is too strong to justify the risk of trial as a successful criminal defense attorney, Teakell works on the facts to serve you best in the sentencing phase. Stay assured, the man of integrity – John. R. Teakell will use his experience and knowledge to fight in your defense. Outsource your worries, talk to Teakell now

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