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Online Solicitation

Solicitation Charges and Internet Sex Crimes

In most of the cases people think whatever they do in cyberspace stays there. However quite contrary to this popular belief technology has made tracking of downloading illegal material and other online sex crimes transparent to the search engines, to the federal authorities, and even to the local police. Online solicitation charges thus range from downloading child pornography to illegal online prostitution, from unlawful Internet downloads to online stalking and harassment and participation in internet prostitution or other sex crimes.

A number of online solicitation charges come from Police Stings. Needless to say; it’s a serious crime. In most of the cases people do not even realize that he can be charged with internet solicitation even if they haven’t contacted an actual child or committed any internet sex crime. This is because a substantial proportion of online solicitation charges in the area thus come as a result of undercover police sting operations.

Please note; the approved entrapment rules do apply to online stings as well. These include –

  • The
    enforcement officer will not initiate sexual conversations
  • The
    enforcement officer will not propose any sexual activity
  • The
    enforcement officer will not improperly induce a suspect to commit a

Suspects for online solicitation may face State and Federal Charges. Criminal defense attorney, John. R. Teakell understands the gravity of these charges. With a solid background in computer forensics and the defense of federal charges, he advises and represents people facing allegations ranging from downloading child pornography, illegal online prostitution to other online sex crimes.

Reasons and Consequences for Online solicitation charges and internet sex crimes

Online solicitation is both a state and a federal crime. Internet sex crime charges involve the following:

  • Downloading
    Illegal/Child Pornography
  • Online
    Solicitation of a Minor
  • Downloading
    and Illegal File Sharing Charges
  • Illegal
    Internet downloads, usually involving child porn
  • Online
    stalking and harassment
  • Participation
    in Internet prostitution or other sex crimes

It is also pertinent to mention here that online solicitation of a minor is both a state and a federal crime. Under the federal law, using the internet for illegal prostitution and for enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity is a felony. It is a punishable crime and the punishment may range from a minimum of ten years in prison to a maximum punishment of life imprisonment.

Keep in mind; the penalties are even higher if the adult creates child pornography.

Using the internet for sending sexually explicit material is also a federal felony, punishable by up to ten years imprisonment.

The law regarding internet sex crimes are quite complex and one needs an experienced lawyer for effective representation. The experienced Dallas criminal lawyer brings a strong background in defense of computer crime and Internet offenses to every case he handles.

How John. R. Teakell the criminal defense attorney in Dallas can help

The statutory scheme for the crime of online solicitation defines the term “sexually explicit” to mean “any communication, language, material, video image or photography that describes or relates to illegal sexual conduct”. In this web world with improved technology it is nothing impossible to track downloading illegal material and other online sex crimes. These cases are complex

In fact certain cases may involve potentially illegal searches of the client’s mail accounts, computer hard drives, and home. Successful and effective defense however depend on the quality and quantity of discovery that he can compel in the case.

Of course; it demands thorough knowledge of the search and seizure laws, computer knowledge for conducting direct and cross-examination. Criminal defense in Dallas is his forte and John R. Teakell is a former federal prosecutor and experienced defense lawyer who puts his knowledge, skills and dedication to work for clients whose lives are in danger of being devastated by a criminal conviction.

His defense usually starts with a forensic examination of the evidence against you. He evaluates the government’s ability in proving specific intent either through the circumstances of your online behavior or through the evidence found in the downloaded or recorded material. Fret not; reckoned as the best criminal defense attorney he will leave no stone unturned to work toward dismissal or reduction of the charges. The prosecution must prove that the defendant did, in fact, commit the crime as charged. When multiple people have access to a computer, positive ID of the perpetrator may be difficult to verify.

In cases where the evidence is too strong to justify the risk of trial Teakell works on the facts that will serve you best in the sentencing phase.

His experience with sentence mitigation in both federal and state courts can strike the difference to the outcome of your case.

He has a wealth of experience in representing clients charged with this serious offense of online solicitation and internet sex crimes. Talk to him to protect your future.

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