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I Was Suspected Of A White Collar Crime And Am Under Investigation. What Should I Do?

Hire an Attorney

Your attorney will be able to go in, figure out what the focus of the investigation is, and find out the time frame on the Prosecutor’s end. That attorney will also be able to figure out if you are the primary focus of the investigation or if you are being investigated as part of a larger investigation, and that knowledge can have an impact on how your case turns out.

Politely Decline Interview Requests

Politely decline to submit to an interview until you understand the parameters of the investigation and what it is you’re alleged to have done. Do not make statements until you can speak with your attorney. Then, if you do go in to answer some questions, do it only through your attorney, after you’ve established some parameters with the prosecutor as to what safeguards are built in.

What Should I Look for In an Attorney?

Look for an attorney who has experience working for the prosecution’s side, so they know how the prosecution thinks, know their goals, and know the kind of strategies they are likely to employ. Look for an attorney who has years of experience in white collar crime and who has a proven track record of successfully defending white collar criminal cases. Look for an attorney who has worked in both federal and state courts and knows the difference between the two. Look for an attorney who has a team of highly qualified professionals that he can call upon to help him in his work to put together the defense you need. It’s hard to find all of these in one package, but that’s what John R. Teakell has to offer.

Get Started Now!

The sooner you schedule a consultation with the law offices of John R. Teakell, the sooner we can begin to find out the information you need to give yourself the best chances of having a favorable outcome on your case. Don’t wait until you’ve already been indicted or have already self-incriminated by giving an interview without an attorney present. Every day you delay is one more day the prosecution has to work against you, and one less day that your defense attorney has to find evidence in your favor. It’s never too soon in the process to hire an attorney. Contact us today and put us to work in your favor

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