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I Was Arrested For Possession Of Drugs. What Happens Next?

If you have or a loved one has been arrested for possession of drugs, watch our free video and find out what you need to know:

If it is a bondable offense and you make the bond, I would encourage that person to contact an attorney, retain the attorney, get with the district attorney’s office, and see what evidence there is and determine if it’s a good case for the state or not.

What Would Make It a Good Case for the State?

If it seems more probable than not or a high probability that you would be convicted if you went to trial, then it would be considered a good case for the state.

What Can Be Done If It Is a Good Case?

At that point, it becomes a damage control situation. Your attorney will try to determine if there is a way to keep you out of custody or if there is a way to prevent you from having a felony or misdemeanor conviction.

What Can Happen to Me If I Am Convicted?

Depending on the charges being brought against you, you could be facing time in prison. Even if you manage to avoid prison time, the conviction on your record can disqualify you from certain federal or state positions of employment and can interfere with your efforts to find work elsewhere. Don’t let this happen to you!

Don’t Wait!

Don’t wait until your case proceeds to trial to contact the law offices of John R. Teakell. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin working to keep you out of custody and to prevent you from having a felony or misdemeanor conviction on your permanent record.

The Experience and Resources You Need

When you hire the law offices of John R. Teakell, you aren’t just hiring an attorney. You are hiring a team of highly qualified experts who will help to find the evidence and gather the witnesses who will help you to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. John R. Teakell has years of experience working for federal and state prosecutors as well as years of experience in criminal defense. He knows how the other side thinks and knows how they operate.

Contact Us Today!

The best time to put together the offense you need to achieve the best possible results for your case is NOW! Contact us today and let us get started working on your case. We have what it takes to help you no matter what the charges may be.

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