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The Law Office of John R. Teakell is committed to the best representation for clients who are under investigation for, or who are charged with, criminal offenses. Whether the investigation or indictment is from federal court or state court, John’s legal office in Dallas, Texas is ready to meet all your needs for criminal defense representation.

Expert Witnesses for All Types of Cases

One of the first steps in building a case is evaluating the need for an investigator, an expert, a computer analyst, and possibly a polygraph examination.  Depending on the nature of the charge, additional experts or analysts may be needed for fingerprints, handwriting, lab work, computer hard drives, blood spatter evidence, or accident reconstruction.. White-collar/fraud cases generally involve financial motives so many require an accounting expert or CPA.

A Complete an Comprehensive Legal Defense Team

The Law Office of John R. Teakell has teamed with many qualified and known experts and analysts, including ex-federal agents and ex-detectives, accounting and IRS experts, distinguished computer experts, and noted polygraph examiners. Also, the law office has relationships with other experts who have received accolades in their fields of practice, including fingerprint analysis and handwriting analysis.

Direct Access to John Teakell

The Law Office of John R. Teakell stands ready to assist in your case, not only in court appearances, but also in preparing evidence to rebut the government’s case or in the preparation of a trial defense. You can call and talk to John direct or send him a request for a free initial consultation. One of the most important decisions you will make is who you choose to represent you in a criminal defense case. Having direct access to a lawyer who has been at the top of federal criminal investigations in your corner is a step in the right direction.