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Federal Trade Commission Violations

Texas Antitrust Law – Federal Trade Commission Violations

Business owner will be able to avoid the potential legal and business disputes by becoming familiar with the federal and state antitrust laws.

Comprised of 3 different acts, antitrust laws typically govern certain significant aspects of business practices.

• The Sherman Act
• the Federal Trade Commission Act
• the Clayton Act are aimed at preserving fair competition and in preventing monopolies in business

Sherman Act, which once outlawed all restraint of trade, now prohibits unreasonable restraint of trade (as per the Supreme Court guidelines).

The Federal Trade Commission Act prohibits unfair competition and deceptive business practices. According to the Supreme Court, any violation of the Sherman Act is also a violation of business law under the FTC Act.
In the Clayton Act, certain illegal and unlawful business practices which that were not specifically addressed in the Sherman Act are prohibited.

These laws have been designed for protecting consumers from overzealous businessmen while facilitating healthy business competition within the economy. If you are accused of Federal Trade Commission Violations you should take immediate action for preserving your assets and for avoiding imprisonment. These are federal offenses and these will be prosecuted aggressively by the state attorney. You need an attorney experienced in federal matters to defend your rights in anti-trust violations cases. John. R. Teakell provides clients with knowledgeable, personalized legal counseling and client for federal criminal charges.

Consequences of federal offenses
In simple terms; the antitrust laws has been designed to prohibit unlawful mergers and unlawful business practices. Deceptive acts and statements violate the Federal Trade Commission Act. The violation of Texas’ antitrust law occurs only when it is shown that the defendant conspired with others for restraining the trade.

For more than 100 years, these laws have had just basic objectives

• Protecting the process of competition
• Ensuring strong incentives for efficient businesses operation
• Keeping prices down
• Keeping quality up

Under the Sherman Act, defendant may face a fine of $1,000,000 as an individual or $100,000,000 as a business. The defender may also face a 10-year prison sentence. Do not take chance by forgoing legal counsel. Take action and talk to a legal professional who can provide you with honest insight into the antitrust violation charges.

How John Teakell the federal defense lawyer in Dallas can help.

The fact of the matter is; antitrust is typically a complex set of state and federal laws. The law thus prohibits a number of specific business actions, which are within the realm of legal behavior. Only an expert antitrust attorney can assist in instituting these guidelines. As a business owner you thus need a tailored policy. , which are specific to the particular area of your trade. Teakell has years of experience in preventing antitrust liability in specific situations.

Antitrust violation can endanger your reputation, your business and your freedom. If your business is facing investigation for any charges such as – unfair business practices, monopoly, or in fact any other types of antitrust violation, an experienced federal defense lawyer can help. When charged with Federal Trade Commission Violations you need to take immediate action to avoid imprisonment and to preserve your asset. As an antitrust violation lawyer John. R. Teakell has the resources, experience and technical know how to provide aggressive defense representation even before formal charges are filed.

Teakell will review your case and will let you know the gravity of the situation and the seriousness of the accusations. Even if no charges have been filed and your business is just facing investigation experienced federal defense lawyer Teakell can still take action to for protecting your rights immediately. He may negotiate with the federal prosecutors for the greater reason of avoiding filing of the charges before the case goes to Federal Court.
Below are some of the types of federal antitrust violation cases which Teakell can handle

• Attempt of creating monopoly
• Unfair competition
• Restraint of trade
• Discrimination between merchants
• Price fixing
• Bid fixing
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Unfair business practices and more

The Law Office of John R. Teakell is committed to the best representation for clients who are under investigation for, or who are charged with, criminal offenses. Whether the investigation or Indictment is from federal court or state court, the law office is ready to meet all your needs for criminal defense representation.

A strong federal defense can help in protecting the defendant’s rights. John. R. Teakell is experienced in this field and his dedication ensures only the best outcomes for the case he handles. Professional legal presentation should include evaluating the need for an investigator, an expert, a computer analyst, and possibly a polygraph examination.

The Law Office of John R. Teakell stands ready to assist in your case, not only in court appearances, but also in preparing evidence to rebut the government’s case or in the preparation of a trial defense. Contact attorney John R. Teakell about your antitrust or Federal Trade Commission case today

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