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Federal Cases

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View Post Legal Guide A fundamental key to a successful defense in a forgery case is the representation by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The earlier in the case that…
Pocketing company money.


Legal Guide The road to criminal charges of embezzlement can begin with suspicions of misappropriation of funds. An employer or management of a non-profit organization may accuse an accountant or…
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Credit Card Debit Card Abuse

​Credit card and debit card abuse is common these days. Credit card fraud law thus typically establishes criminal penalties for deceptive, unlawful or unauthorized use of another person’s credit card…
Fraud Alert Caution Defend Guard Notify Protect Concept

Computer Fraud

Internet crime, computer fraud and violations encompass a whole range of illegal activity, from distribution of child pornography to investment fraud. It makes sense to mention here, internet crime stands…
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Counterfeit Goods

FEDERAL PROSECUTION OF COUNTERFEIT GOODS/PRODUCTS By John TeakellLaw Office of John R. Teakell Dallas, TX I. INTRODUCTION When a person hears the word “counterfeit,” he/she usually thinks of counterfeit “money”…
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Counterfeit Currency Charges

Prosecution of Counterfeit Money Possession and Passing Counterfeit Monies By John TeakellAttorney-at-LawDallas, Texas I. OVERVIEW Prosecutions in federal district courts in the United States (U.S. District Courts) for violations of…
Male criminals Captured in a dirty cage On charges of counterfeiting a bank dollar, in which he held the fake banknote in his hand, to financial crime concept.

Counterfeit Charges

If you are pressed with counterfeit charges, team up with Lawyer John R. Teakell. Here's what to expect and what you can do to defend yourself.
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Weapons Charges

Federal Firearm & Weapons Charges Federal firearms laws provide severe penalties for improper firearms use or possession. For example, possession of firearms by convicted felons or drug users can provide…
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Drug Trafficking – Federal Cases

OVERVIEW OF DRUG TRAFFICKING PROSECUTIONS IN FEDERAL COURT By John Teakell, Attorney-at-Law Dallas, TX I. Introduction Traditionally, cases prosecuted in federal court were either larger, complex drug trafficking cases, or…
Internet security concept for computer password security.  Protect against unauthorized access from hackers and data thieves.

Unauthorized Access

The Computer Fraud Abuse Act (CFAA) is codified as Title 18 U.S.C Section 1030(a), and it lists offenses for federally-prosecuted computer crimes, with the common charges being Unauthorized Access to…
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Online Solicitation

Online Solicitation Charges and Internet Sex Crimes In most of the cases people think whatever they do in cyberspace stays there. However quite contrary to this popular belief technology has…
Doctor writing fake medical examination, taking bribe, expensive checkups

Prescription Fraud

“Prescription Fraud” as it is commonly known, is obtaining controlled substances (illegal drugs) in a fraudulent manner by the use of a doctor’s prescription. Prescription fraud cases can be prosecuted…