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Federal Cases

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A conspiracy is defined as an agreement between two or more persons to commit an illegal act, with at least one conspirator attempting to commit an overt act that would…
Hands of a fraudster with handcuffs on a background of us dollars and credit cards. Fraud, cyber crime concept

Bank Fraud

Legal Guide A rule of thumb in bank fraud cases and any other type of white collar criminal case is that it is critically important to contact an attorney during…
Computer crime concept

Internet Crimes

If you need a defense team, get in touch with Attorney Teakell today. He will defend your case, no matter the severity.
Criminal man with handcuffs in interrogation room

Engaging in Organized Crime

Legal Guide Engaging in organized crime’ and criminal activity is a steep legal charge, which is generally utilized when a group works in sync to commit a crime. In lay…
Woman using smartphone with icon graphic cyber security network of connected devices and personal data information

Securities Fraud

PROSECUTION OF CRIMINAL SECURITIES FRAUD OFFENSES IN FEDERAL COURT By John TeakellAttorney-at-LawDallas, Texas I. Generally “Securities fraud” and other criminal offenses involving securities are prosecuted in federal court as felony…
Identity theft through fake passport making

Passport Fraud

Legal Guide Generally The term “passport fraud” is a phrase that is used to generally describe misrepresentations in applications for a passport or visa, as well as some misuse of…
Lawyer opening case and looking at money, concept of illegal job offer, bribe

Money Laundering

People charged with money laundering in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or anywhere in the state of Texas are encouraged to seek the counsel of attorney John R. Teakell. Mr. Teakell…
Concept of cyber crime, hand holding smartphone and show malware screen that comes with email, hack password from bank accounts and personal data.

Mail Fraud

Mail fraud is certainly one of more prevalent forms of criminal deception, accounting for almost one third of all consumer fraud. Cited as any illegal, fraudulent act utilizing the United…