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Drug Possession

There is a fine legal line between drug possession charges and possession with intent to distribute, or PWID, (narcotics including heroin, cocaine, methampetamines and marijuana). These determining factors usually lie in: a) manner the drug is stored, b) amount of money found, c) scale or other narcotic distribution products, and most importantly e) the amount of narcotics found at the scene. However, excluding individual circumstances, many states have incorporated mandatory minimum sentencing for drug possession convictions.

Any past drug convictions, the quantity of drugs found, and the type of drugs, usually dictate the severity of the charge(s) to be levied. Drugs that pose a greater risk to the individual are normally treated with greater legal penalties. For example, an arrest for marijuana should result in less severe charges than someone arrested with heroin. If the narcotics were suspected to be sold to minors, then penalties are generally more strict than normal; this includes possession of narcotics near a school, daycare, or even a university.

Many people believe that drug possession is a simple, minor crime. However, police, DEA, and other law enforcement agencies as well as state and federal laws treat the crime quite seriously. If convicted of drug possession, one might face jail time, fines, mandatory treatment and education concerning drug and alcohol abuse, justice fees, and loss of a driver’s license (dependant on the aforementioned circumstances).

Drug Possession Statistics – 2006

According to The Texas Crime Report for 2006, drug possession arrests in 2006 were estimated as 126,564, a 9.5% increase from 2005. Drug possession arrests consisted of:

  • 52% Marijuana
  • 29% Cocaine or Opium
  • 11% Other
  • 8% Synthetic Narcotics
  • Of those arrested for drug possession:
  • 7% were juveniles
  • 80% were male
  • 70% were caucasian
  • 30% were black
  • 28% were Hispanic

The age group constituting the greatest number of arrested were 20 – 24 years of age.

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