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Criminal Defense

State & Federal Criminal Defense

John Teakell has over 20 years of successful criminal trial experience. As most attornies know, there is no replacement for over 20 years of in court room trial experience. When an attorney says they have experience, make sure that means in-court-room trial experience.

He has had experience as an Assistant United States Attorney and as an Assistant District Attorney. With his past as well as current experience, this makes him well versed in both the federal and state systems. In his twelve years as an Assistant United States Attorney, Mr. Teakell prosecuted complex fraud cases, including bank fraud, insurance fraud, oil and gas fraud, telemarketing fraud, copyright infringement, and other types of fraud cases. Further, Mr. Teakell prosecuted many major drug trafficking and money laundering cases, and violent crimes, including federal death penalty cases, robberies, carjackings, federal murder, and murder of government witnesses.

Mr. Teakell now puts his experience to work defending the rights of people arrested and accused of state and federal criminal offenses. He handles federal grand jury investigations and SEC investigations, and represents defendants in all types of felony and misdemeanor cases, in both the state and federal courts. These cases include drug possession and sale, theft, robbery, grand larceny, white collar crimes, sex offenses, arson, conspiracy, murder, domestic violence and drunk driving(DWI).

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